Diana Debord

fine art photography

VISIONI DI POE - mostra personale
inaugurazione 13 settembre ore 17:30/ Barriera Albertina Novara / info


Artist statement

Diana Debord was born in Novara, Italy in 1984.
She is a self-taught fine art photographer with a special fascination for dreamlike, surreal atmospheres.

The research and attention to detail and colors that characterize her work clearly recall the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, as well as the female figures that are always graceful and ethereal. Her interest for the neurology of dreams and lucid dreaming led her to develop a style that merges symbolist and surrealist themes: the search for ego and madness, death, and the connection with the natural world.

The ongoing study of color contributes to the creation of very different works but always connected by dreamlike atmospheres, making the production particularly varied.
In 2009 her first solo exhibition "Ophelia's Dream" in her hometown Novara; she has exhibited in Italy and abroad ever since. In 2013 she is awarded with the Juror Award of Merit at the Grand Prix de la Découverte. Some of her images are represented internationally by Trevillion Images and she is a contributor for photography magazine Dodho.

Her intent is to portray fragments of dreams, the same way we remember them in the morning.

Email: contact[@]dianadebord.com

Main Exhibitions, lectures, awards


13-24 September 2014: Visioni di Poe solo exhibition - Barriera Albertina, Novara, Italy

Who Art You? 3 finalist - Milan, Italy
Contemporary Still Life - Galleria La Corte di Felsina, Bologna, Italy
Donne nell'arte - Galleria Dentro l'Arte, Novara, Italy
The Curated Ego - StudioStrike, National Portrait Gallery, UK


Juror Award of Merit Fine Art Photography - Grand Prix de la Découverte, Paris, France
Colorissimamente alla Domus - Domus Talenti, Rome, Italy
Lecturer for PhotoComics - Circolo XV Aprile, Novara, Italy
Premio Ghiggini finalist - Galleria Ghiggini, Varese, Italy
Dreamland solo exhibition - Immaginarci, Circolo XV Aprile, Novara, Italy


Dreamland solo exhibition - Immaginarci, Galleria Amantes, Turin, Italy
Dreamland solo exhibition - Immaginarci, Meltin Pop, Arona, Italy
Free Entry - Centro Culturale Silos, Novara, Italy 5x5 - California, USA
Colori d'Italia - Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Silistra, Bulgaria
Orto d'Artista - Associazione Arte da Mangiare, Libreria Hoepli, Milan, Italy
Frammenti DiVisioni Femminili - Associazione Culturale Nexus, Barriera Albertina, Novara, Italy
Judge for Festival delle Resistenze contest - Novara


Bruciare i ponti della ritirata - Sassetti Cultura, Milan, Italy
3rd place Imagination Metro Photo Challenge - Italy
Self Shots finalist - Giu*Box Gallery, Napoli, Italy
Wow World of Women finalist - Associazione Culturale Visioni, Venezia, Italy
Lecture for photography Mohole School - Milan, Italy
Lecture for Cultura, giovani e precarietà - Novara


Decadence Suite - Decadence loft, Milan, Italy
Picasso Sconosciuto - Sassetti Cultura, Milan, Italy
Premio Nazionale d'Arte finalist - artAction, Novara, Italy
Ophelia's Dream solo exhibition - Osteria Letteria Bukowski, Novara, Italy
2nd place Grafò - Centro Culturale La Riseria, Novara, Italy



workshop & events

VISIONI DI POE / mostra personale

13-24 Settembre Barriera Albertina, Novara

Workshop di Fotografia Fine Art / Novara 2014 - POSTI ESAURITI

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