Hi! My name’s Diana.

My mother inspired me to start this blog. After her divorce, kept our family together and under the same roof. She managed to land on her feet because she saved and practiced good financial habits. Since 2017, I’ve dedicated this website to helping other women and women like my mother enjoy their own financial freedom.

See, I didn’t learn from her example. Not right away, at least. I spent my youth in the chaos of an abusive marriage that left me little time or energy for anything else. By the time I broke free, I had $30,000 in debt to pay off. That’s a tough way to start a new life. To gain financial independence, I had to focus on long-term solutions beyond clipping coupons. I learned how to earn more and save more, how to manage income and start investing. Most importantly, I gained the self-confidence to enter the world of real estate investment, which is something I never would have dreamed possible in those dark early years.